We was awarded with patent certificate of new model No. M251677 for “Permanent magnetic board

我們的產品Our Products
  • IC脱磁整流控制器(強力型)IC Demagnetizer Chuck Controller(Power-typed)
  • 可侵式電磁盤Electromagnetic Chuck
  • 四方型磁台Square-typed Magnetic Plate
  • 正弦磁台Magnetic Sine Plate
  • IC脱磁整流控制器(標準型)lC Demagnetizer Chuck Controller(Standard-typed)
  • 永久可侵式磁盤Permanent Chuck
  • 永久磁盤 Permanent Magnetic Chuck
  • 隧道型消磁器Tunnel-Typed Demagnetizer
  • 永電式強力磁盤Permanent Power Magnetic Chuck
  • 無段旋轉磁盤Motorized Rotary Magnetic Chuck
  • 脫磁器Demagnetizer
  • 超強力電磁盤Super Powerful Electromagentic Chuck
  • 電磁盤 Electronic Magnetic Chuck
  • 園型永久磁盤Round Permanent Magnetic Chuck
  • 鎢鋼磁台Tungsten Magnetic Plate
  • 永電式磁盤Premanent Magnetic Chuck